Hand Blown Glass Awards

On the web just love winning? Anyone who enjoys competition understands exactly what I mean. It makes successful even more special when you to have award for your effort. I have to have ten awards inside my closet from my football and billiard playing times. But , the awards within my closet are very standard. They might be engraved plaques which may possess a symbol of the type of competitors I was engaged in at the time. They could be a simple baseball on a remain. In other words, they are boring. Successful awards can be inspiring, specifically if you have the desire to excel. People want to be inspired, which is why levels of competition can help you reach your goals. Could you not want to be inspired through the award that you won too?

I love competing. It does not actually matter what the competition is all about. Competition can be a good thing. Competitors can make you work hard to achieve an objective, which helps teach a solid work ethic. There is a tremendous a sense of satisfaction when your hard work takes care of into winning, and this obviously is attributed to competing. Levels of competition inspires some remarkable improvements, which can keep your mind and body razor-sharp. Without competition, we would become bored watching the fight of the cell phone wars throughout commercials. I have been told often in my life that I am an extremely competitive person, but is the fact that a bad thing? I think not really. Without my drive in order to win in competition, I might not have made some achievements in my life.

The first time I saw a distinctive hand blown glass honours, I was “blown” away. I had been at a glassblowing studio within Smyrna Georgia and had been lucky enough to witness the actual making of a special honor for the president of Travel bicycles. It was called the “Genesis”. It is a globe with a hands blown glass cyclist constructed inside. The glassblowing performer who made the prize, says that he makes distinctive one of a kind awards for different company all the time. All he requirements is to use his scientific glassblowing background, his blowtorch, as well as an idea to create a work of art. The actual blown glass company who made the particular award loves cycling, therefore creating this award for your president of Trek was obviously a pleasure for him, because he is making something that displays his personality and passion. We doubt that the Genesis merit will end up stuck in a wardrobe.